Arrest of a Kurdish citizen from Bukan guilty of raising the flag of Kurdistan


Arrest of Kurdish citizens at the Nowrouz ceremony under vain pretexts including “Kurdistan Raising” or participating in the national ceremony to be continues.

Roji Kird: On 21st March 2018٫”the following arrests and summons of Nowruz”Behzad Salimzadeh” son of Anwar from Bukan city for raising the flag Kurdistan was arrested by the Iranian intelligancy agency,Kurdistan Human Rights Organization-Rojhelat,reportedly.

This Bokanian citizen on the Mount of Barde Zard, Bokan, has raised the flag of Kurdistan on the first day of the New Year’s which is the Kurdish national holiday.

21-years-old”Amir Arzhangi”son of Mukhtar and 19-years-old Baset Afshar,son of Reza,each one sentenced to two years imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court on charges of “carrying the flag of the Kurdistan in the Nowruz ceremonies”,On 13 December 2017,were transferred to Marivan Prison to execute the sentence.

On 9 November 2017,these two Kurdish citizens were sentenced to imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court of Marivan, they were previously released on bail.

Temor Arzhangi and Baset Afshar were sentenced to three years of imprisonment and deportation to Baluchistan in the primary court, which was reduced to two years in prison for appeals.

On 9 November 2017,these two citizens from “ni”village,Marivan functions were sentenced to four years imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court of Marivan.

The Islamic Republic of Iran knows the flag of Kurdistan as the flag of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and not the national flag of the Kurds,however, the raising Kurdistan flag is considered as a crime which can range from 6 months to 2 years imprisonment, as well as material fines.

By: Rozhan Adlnia, Journalist and Human Right defender in Roji Kurd center.




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