An emage report fro Newroz celebration in East Kurdistan (Rojhelat)/ The Kurds toward the independence


Roji Kurd: Iranian Kurdistan or Eastern Kurdistan (Rojhelat) is an unofficial name for the parts of northwestern Iran inhabited by Kurds which borders Iraq and Turkey. It includes the Orumieh Province, Sanandaj Province, Kermanshah Province, Ilam Province. There is also a significant Kurdish population in the North Khorasan and Hadaman Province.

Kurds generally consider Iranian Kurdistan (Eastern Kurdistan) to be one of the four parts of a Greater Kurdistan, which also includes parts of southeastern Turkey (Northern Kurdistan), northern Syria (Western Kurdistan), and northern Iraq (Southern Kurdistan).

Actually we have no trustful data’s about the Kurds population in Iran, but according to informal data the Kurds in Iran are between 10 to12 million crowd/

In these Pictures, which are belonge to Newroz celebration (The national Celebration of the Kurds), you look the will of Kurds in Iran toward independence. Some days befor the Kurdish parties called the Kurds in east Kurdistan to use the Kurdish dress and Jamane in thier celebration. as you see, the Kurds accepted thier parties request.

The Kurds in Iran are ready to be independent. The Kurds in Iran proved, they want just Independence, not Federalism and autonomy.


By: Helmet Maroufi




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