Arsalan Rezaei, a person who critic of Iranian regime and the Islam, was assassinated by IRGC in Turkey


By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan
Arsalan Rezaei was murdered yesterday in Turkey by agents of the Islamic regime in Iran. He was an atheist who fought against Islamism and the dogmas of Islam. In Iran, the number of ex-Muslims is increasing at an enormous rate. This frightens those in power in Iran.

Arsalan Rezai, an Iranian atheist activist and admin of anti-religion Telegram / Instagram pages was knifed and died in Turkey. Islamic regime of Iran’s likely has hand in this murder given its track record of assassinations of dissidents.

Arsalan Rezaei was a young man who was doing struggles against Iranian regime and criticizing the religion, particularly Islam. He was immigrated from Iran to turkey some time ago to continue his political activities. Among his political activities was the management of several pages called “Khurafat Kadeh” with tens of thousands members on social media. In addition to republishing political news, these pages were widely disseminating content, images, and videos against the Iranian regime, as well as criticizing religions, especially Islam.

Years ago, especially since 2015, with the Telegram epidemic in Iran, many autonomous pages were created in social media, which concluded broke the monopoly of the Iranian regime in publishing news. The majority of these independent pages were run by atheists, including Arsalan Rezaei as a atheist, whose main purpose was to criticize the religion and policies of the ruling regime in Iran.

On December 10, IRGC CYBER reported that Arsalan Rezaei had been assassinated in front of his home in Turkey. Although the IRGC has not officially claimed responsibility for Arsalan Rezaei ‘s assassination, he was clearly assassinated by the IRGC in Turkey. Arsalan Rezaei has repeatedly stated explicitly that the real cause of the problems in Iran is the existence of the Iranian regime. He believed that the destruction of the Iranian regime would solve the fundamental problems in Iran. The assassination of Arsalan Rezaei was not the first terrorist attack by the Iranian regime and Islamists, hundreds of political activists abroad have been assassinated by the Iranian regime so far




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