Geography of iran is totally fictitious


Translated by : Sarvin- BahoziKurdistan SARVIN

What is now called Iran and its map flaunting like a siting cat formerly was named according to ruling empires name from the Sasanian empire until the safavid empire, which was the last empire to rule and also in parallel with turkey, which is known as the ottoman empire. All empires had the same system and style of naming

The current name of Iran was adopted to this country in 1935 people  like said nafisi, mahammad ali foroughi and hesam taghizade whom were at the high point of pan-iranism and pan-farscism and their own time intellectuals came together in the first Pahlavi dynasty under the direct support of reza shah.

For this purpose they took some actions. Said nafisi one of the senior advisor of Reza khan offered him to change the country name officially into Iran.

After said nafisi published his article in Etelat news paper in November 1935  this advise became real, therefore this name and this contractual geography is totally fictitious. Contractual does not mean that it is like a country as Switzerland, rather the centralized power of this country has imposed this contractual geography on other nations inside Iran.

As result of this imposition wide spreading insurrections have been done from past to present. Indeed the absence of insurrection in the time of  Iran’s empire is due to the decentralization of power of power these wide spreading insurrections have been in progress in Kurdistan , Balochistan, Al ahvaz and Azerbaijan from the past till now and over time this dissatisfaction has been reduced and now it is also subject to lessen and that will continue till the day Iran’s geography returns to its true scale and size. In Kurdistan Semko insurrection republic of Kurdistan and contemporary insurrection of the Kurd which is lead by democrat party, khabat organization, komaleh, Kurdistan, sarbasti party and others these insurrections are manifest dissatisfaction with this imposed contract and this artificial geography.

In the name of Iranians,  all other nations, including Kurds, balooch, Arab al ahvazi, Azerbaijan turks and other have been disclaimed and all of us are called Iranians, while a Kurd is a Kurdistani. A balooch is baloochestani, an Arab is Al ahvazi and an Azeri turk is an Azerbaijani and the name of Iran and Iranian are only represent Fars and the Fars land.

Nationalist movements which sometimes took place in the form of independence, sometimes in the form of federalism and sometimes in the forms of autonomy, have always been  attacked fatwaed, slaughtered by the centre.

The main reason for the Persian rejection which is the representative of the Iran to the non Persian natural, national and fundamental rights may be found in the geopolitical issue.

A water-free area with enough natural and underground resources, without the necessities for their lives, which all have been usurped in Kurdistan, Al ahvaz, Azerbaijan and baloochestan. Baloochestan gold mountain, water resources, harbours and  oil of Al ahvaz, Kurdistan underground source of aluminium, gold, silver, oil and gas are essential for the survival of Persia or Iran. Therefore they have suppressed any kind of righteous in the most severe, brutal and inhumane way. Among them we can refer to Khomeini jihad fatwa in 1979 against 1979 against Kurdistan and chamran mogul like attack with the support of banisadr and the genocide of Kurds in Mahabad, Naghade, Sannandaj, Paveh, Gharna, Ghalatan, Inderghash, Sarchenar in which twenty thousand Kurdish people were slaughtered undoubtedly this also happened in other non-Persian territories other nation in Iran have always been victims. Iran-Iraq war is an example of this. War destroyed Kurdistan and Al ahvaz environment and many of their people were killed. But Khomeini had always mentioned that war is a Godsend. But when Tehran was attacked, He raised the poison cup as they said, and he upheld the UN resolution The other day the other nations were accused of treason and homicide and massacre a homeland that so far has no consequences for non-Persian nations except killing, genocide, murder looting.

The other issue that the Persians have fear about is the rescission of their fake history if the non-Persian nations become independent. The fake history of the fake country of Iran is based on the distortion of the robbery and looting of the history of other religions and customs within Iran, especially the Kurdish nation.

Archaeologists discovery of some archaeological sites in Iranian-occupied Kurdistan reveals numerous examples of this. The persians who had no history of their own, for example looted the Kurdish Yarsan ritual and localized its symbols with little change. This is one of the reasons for the great repression of Kurdish Yarsan.

We back to present over the past forty years more than thousands of Kurdish people have been detained and hundreds of Kurdish youths have died after tolerating medieval torture in Iran’s prisons yes this is the persian divine law of justice that has been exploited the shi’ite religion in order to fulfil its desires and achieve empire in ottoman if we take a glimpse into the last few years we can see how this regime brutally treated the shi’ite gonabadi mystics it does not matter to the Iranian regime weather it is a shi’ite Kurd or sunni or Yarsani or Zoroastrian they oppresses everyone just because  of being Kurdish.

And they aware that our movement and struggle in Iranian-occupied Kurdistan is not a religious struggle but it’s a national right struggle which is called independence and this is what they call the break up of Iran to me a fake Iranian break up in which I don’t have any rights in it, is a great and precious honour. Yes i am an independence Kurd and those who have colonized my land, language and existence will inevitably backtrack.

There is so much to talk about but time is short and if i want to mention all the subjects it may take a few weeks. As a result, at the end of my speech i point out that we Kurds and non-persian nations attending in this meeting have tested all modern and existing methods with this regime and also with Pahlavi dynasty and with Qajars and so on.

The result is that there is no way to tolerate this fascist thinking. Any way we want to try it will lead to now and our only outcome is waste of time and blood which where will lead to further destruction of our environment, culture, history and civilization and thus our complete assimilation.

Reza khan did so with his white revolution and the Islamic republic is pursuing the same policy albeit with another.

As a result, the only way for us to emphasize that the only way for us non-Persian nations is to think about independence and to be serious in this way.

No matter how good the situation is or what the outside world wants or what the Persians are promising to give us.

The important thing is that we are resolved to determine our own destiny with our own-hands and we will remain committed our struggle until liberation from tyranny and occupation, till we will achieve our independency we will defend ourselves in any ways weather with armed forces or civil or political and we will never give up.




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