By BahoziKurdistan SARVIN

The Kurdish knife also known as demon killing knife is a kind of knife which possesses supernatural powers. In Kurdish mythologies, this knife was used to kill the demons and other demonic entities. According to Kurdish ancient tales those demons who were invulnerable killed by this magical knife.

Physical appearance
At first glance the short curved blade can be seen with signs or writing symbol on it. The 5 parts of the knife are:

1. The sharp point

2. Serrated edge

3. Blade

4. Wide guard

5. Wooden hilt

1. The point of the knife is very sharp in order to be able to pierce skin and bone.
2. Serrated edges are blades that have some kind of toothed or saw-like edge. These are good for cutting through belts, fabric and various other textured materials.
3. Blade engraved with symbols. Magic symbols a part of a spell to enhance the weapons abilities.
4. Wide metal guard is to keep hand from slipping on to the blade.
5. Wooden hilt is for holding the knife.
The Kurdish knife is mentioned in some novels and films, such as Agatha cristie’s book named “ A Kurdish knife in the back”, “ the big book of Christmas mysteries” by Otto Penzler, “ Castillo adventures, escape from danger by Bounty Hunter’s prey.
Ruby’s knife from TV show supernatural, “ because demons can’t be killed by run-of-the-mill cutlery. At the very least, you’d need an ancient demon killing knife of the Kurds” Henry Winchester to Dean Winchester.
IN the game of throne Sam founded “dragon glass” to kill the white walkers.
The Kurdish people used the Kurdish knife to protect themselves from demons and enemies. Nowadays in Kurdistan many families have this traditional ancient knife from their ancestors as a sacred cold weapon that can overcome the darkness and demons.

By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan




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