US military attacks on Syria after committing crimes in the Eastern Ghouta


The US President Donald Trump announces a military operation in Syria with the participation of France and Britain on April 14, which launched military strikes on Syrian targets in response to a chemical attack in the Town of Duma in the Eastern Ghouta.

The British government said it was “necessary to take action” against the use of chemical weapons in Syria at the end of an emergency meeting on Thursday (April 12th) called by Prime Minister Theresa May to punish the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

Earlier, a government spokesman said in a statement that “the British government agreed on the need to take measures to prevent the regime of President Bashar al-Assad from using chemical weapons,” adding that the government “highly favoured” Damascus’s responsibility for the alleged chemical attack Saturday in the city of Duma in Eastern Ghouta, which killed “Up to 75 people.”

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Syrian military research centres and headquarters, which were hit by the western coalition at dawn on Saturday, April 14, were completely empty except a few guards, as precautionary measures taken by the Syrian army in advance. The Syrian Observatory said there are no statistics on the targeting of civilians in the triple coalition raids.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Saturday that ordering a missile strike on Syria on Saturday was right and legal after a chemical attack targeting civilians in the city of Duma, killing and injuring hundreds. She added that “the resort to military action with our closest allies was right and legal to prevent further human suffering by weakening the chemical weapons capabilities of the Syrian regime”.

Theresa May continued to add that the aim was to deter the Syrian authorities from using chemical weapons again and to convey a message to the wider world that the use of such weapons was unacceptable.

However, on the other hand, Paul Ryan, the speaker of the 2001 Authorisation for Use of Military Force said on Thursday 12 April that the US and its allies intervention in Syria does not match the domestic law of each state and does not conform to international law to hold criminals accountable, so he believes Trump’s entry in Syria without coordination with the Security Council and the international community is really a ridiculous attitude.


  • Investigation of the chemical massacre and the prosecution of criminals
  • Stop the explosive barrels against civilians and allow the entry of experts from the Security Council to Syria
  • Allow the international human rights bodies and human rights organisations to enter Duma
  • The immediate exit of all the militants from Duma and the demand of the Arab League, Islamic countries and the UN delegates to enter the Town
  • Release all detainees and stop all kinds of torture against detainees and allow human rights organisations and the international community to follow up the file of detainees
  • The departure of all Iranian, Iraqi, Lebanese militias and the Russian army from Syria
  • Follow-up and trial of leaders of Iranian militias and supporters of terrorism in Syria




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