The fate of a Kurdish citizen is still unclear after three months of arrest


The fate of a Kurdish citizen from Piranshahr city is still a sign of ambiguity after more than three months and a week after his arrest by the Iranian Intelligency Agency.

Roji Kurd: 30-year’s-old”Naseeh Mohammadi”from Piranshahr city,he’s also a hospital staffer, he fate after three months and eight days after his arrest by the city information office Piranshahr is fate his still obscure,Kurdistan Human Right Organization-Rojhelat,reported.

On 7 January 2018 “Naseeh Mohammadi”a staff of the Piranshahr city hospital, was arrested by the Iranian Intelligency Agency at his office.

The reason for arresting this Kurd citizen from Piranshahr city was “Cooperation and membership in the opposition parties of the Iranian regime” and “action against national security.”

The frequent reconnaissance of this detained Kurdish citizen has not resulted in any result, and all the relevant organs and security agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Piranshahr city and Urmia province have been unaware of his arrest, his whereabouts and his fate.

Due to the lack of responsiveness of the relevant institutions, including the protection of the Revolutionary Guard’s terrorist infantry and the intelligence office in connection with Naseeh Mohammadi, and the refusal to accept the responsibility for his arrest, he was concerned about his family and the Kurdish civil activists.

By: Rozhan Adlnia




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