Saren Azer : please help me to find my children’s


Roji kurd: Saren Azer, requested the Kurdish people in Iran to help her find her children again.

the  Saren Azer’s letter to Roji Kurd: 

Please help me get a message to my four beautiful children whom I have not seen or spoken to since August 2015. My daughters Sharvahn [12] and Rojevahn [10] and sons Dersim [8] and Meitan [4] were taken by their father Salahaddin [Saren] Mahmudi-Azer to Iraq where he kept them for six months before crossing illegally into Iran in February 2016. Because he broke a Canadian court order, there are four counts of kidnapping against him and he is wanted by Interpol. I believe Saren and the children are currently living in Urumia. He will not let me see them or even speak with them.

Saren and I married in Canada in 2002. We are both Canadian citizens. Our children were born in Canada. We separated in 2012 and reached a joint custody and joint guardianship agreement. I continued to raise the children respecting our Islamic faith and multi-cultural heritage.

Children need their mother and yet my children have not had their mother for 14 months. I am desperate to see them, to be a part of their lives. My daughters are at the age where they really need their mother’s guidance and my sons are still so young.

I am asking for your assistance in getting word to my children. Please look at their photographs and if you see them, please try to give them a message that I love them and am doing everything I can to be reunited to them. Please let them know how proud I am of them and that they are my entire world. If you see Saren please tell him that it will be better for everyone if he returns to Canada. I can try to help him get his personal and professional life re-established.

Thank you very much.

Alison Azer






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