By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan

The PEJDAR dog is ancient dog from assyrians and babylonains mesopotamia with 5000 years history in Kurdistan.
it is a multi-purpose dog that is native to Kurdistan. This breed is used for many purposes such as livestock protection, war dog and also personal protection. This dog is known as the largest, strongest and most protective dog species and its ability to survive in some of the thoughest condition is amazing.
The Kurdish dog is known by various names:


The PEJDAR is a very brave, fearless and predatory dog against attackers, strong, kind and loyal to its owner. They are aggressive toward dogs and strangers and bark during the night.

PEJDAR has good natural intelligence, sixth sense and instinct are active in them. This dog is always roaming and guarding its territory.

In general PEJDAR tends to have consistent behaviour, but most of them show a tendency to aggresion and violence after puberty.
A two year old dog reaches full physical maturity and growing up procedure is untill then. PEJDAR is highly dependent on its owner and trainer and this dogs only obey their owner.

This breed has fought wolves alone over the centuries. They attack other invader creatures to defend their herd, family and territory and kill the invader. Enough enviromental space to move is essential for their growth and it helps them to grow properly and fast. They should walk normally for at least 45 minutes to an hour during the day.

PEJDAR weight and height

PEJDAR dogs have muscular limbs and large bones and the body anatomy is in form of fish. The raised tail on the waist circle shape can be seen. PEJDAR has a big dewlap, soft and loose skin with a different coat colors, for example: full white-black and white. This dog also has a large head which is balanced with the body, short snout and strong jaws, long and sharp fangs which are hidden in the jaw. PEJDAR is very resistent and adopted to extreme climate events.

PEJDAR weight and size

Kurdish dogs height in males: 70 to 90 CM and in females: 75 to 80 CM.

Kurdish dog PEJDAR weight in males: 80 to 90 kg and in females: 60 to 70 kg.

Kurdish dog’s age

If they are not in war, their age will be about 8 to 10 but if they enter war their age will reduce to 6 to 8 years.




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