The crime of burning the coffee shop in Ahwaz, and demanding the formation of a fact-finding commission

By: Faisal Fulad

There have been crimes throughout history by the totalitarian Chauvinism regimes in most countries of the world to the right of peoples who claim their legitimate rights without any accountability or any international trials, and go unpunished and repeat its crimes and the worse than its predecessors because it sees that the world does not monitor or hold them accountable as now in Ahwaz Arabia by the Iranian regime, which is accused of supporting terrorism in the region.

On March 22, 2018, a major uprising was launched in Ahwaz against the racist policies committed by the Iranian authorities against the Arab people of Ahwaz. A large number of Ahwazi cities/towns and villages participated in the uprising and most of the segments of the Ahwazi society such as women, children, elders, intellectuals, poets, artists, workers and others joined the protest as well. The demonstrators called for an end to oppression, discrimination and the liberation of Ahwaz and called on the Security Council to intervene quickly to protect the Arab people of Ahwaz and to end the crimes of the Iranian authorities, which led the Intifada to repression and arbitrary arrests.

The Intifada has spread rapidly throughout the Ahwaz region, in which this situation is causing increased fear at the Iranian leadership and the authorities’ tried to end the unrest in any way. However, their attempts did not work and the demonstration lasted for weeks. Therefore, an Ahwazi human rights activist told the Global Campaign that the Iranian authorities after the failure of the Iranian government’s attempts to end the Intifada, they made a malicious plan to deter the Intifada and the Ahwazi’ preoccupation with internal problems and conflicts.

The human rights source from Ahwaz added that in the middle of the night of the third of April 2018, the Nawares coffee shop in the west Ahwaz capital city was burning without any reason; in fact, the area is the bastion of the revolutionaries.

The source continued to add that “the burning of a coffee shop is a crime against humanity and the crime took place in “Hay Althora” west Ahwaz capital city. However, the Iranian authorities claimed that the coffee shop was burned by a young man older than 17 years and claimed to have a personal dispute with the owner of the coffee shop.

The source added that the aim of the crime was to burn more than 100 people, meaning all those who were present in the cafe. The source said that the majority of these people are frequent in the daily demonstrations and attend the cafe after the end of the night demonstrations in order to evaluate and plan the tomorrow’s demonstrations.

In addition, we are in the global campaign to support the non-Persian peoples in Iran, believe that the burning of a coffee shop was pre-planned by the Iranian security forces. The Iranian intelligence services committed the same crime in 1979 in the Cinema of Rex in the city of Abadan, which took lives of more than 400 Ahwazi Arabs.

Therefore, the global campaign to support the non-Persian peoples in Iran calls on the international community and human rights institutions to form an international commission to investigate the crime that led to the burning of the coffee shop in the western city of Ahwaz, killing 11 people and injuring 14 others.

Injured by the burning of the Nawras cafe, are currently receiving treatment in a hospital in Ahwaz, but the Iranian authorities are not providing accurate information about the incident. For example, the Iranian authorities prevented 23-year-old Hamza Abbas al-Tai’s relatives from visiting him and there is serious concern about his life and the liquidation of Abbas al-Tai, especially after the doctor’s report that in the early hours of the incident said that the rate of burning 30%, but in another statement said that Burn rate exceeds 90%.


The campaign was formed the last year 2017 and the Board of Directors of the campaign consists of 13 members, headed by the Executive Director of the Ahwaz Centre for Human Rights Mr Faisal Al-Ahwazi and his deputy, the president of the Lebanese Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights (LIFE) lawyer Nabil Halabi and the general coordinator is the Secretary-General of the Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society Mr Faisal Fulad.

The Global Campaign to Support the Non-Persian Peoples’ Revolution is contained in International Human Rights Organisations:

  • Ahwazi Centre for Human Rights
  • Baloch Observatory for Human Rights
  • The European- Gulf Centre for Human Rights
  • Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society
  • Organisation of the Global Message for Human Rights
  • World Association of Rights and Freedoms in Europe
  • Karama Human Rights Association in Bahrain
  • Lebanese Foundation for Democracy and Human Rights (LIFE)
  • Yemeni Coalition for Human Rights
  • The international network to support the right of self-determination and independence from the Iranian occupation
  • Syrian Observatory for Documentation of War Crimes
  • Arab Human Rights Information Portal
  • The Arab Observatory is composed of trade union rights and freedoms




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