Maine explosion killed a soldier from Piranshahr city


The Maine blast killed a soldier from Piranshahr city,Kurdistan Human Right Organization-Rojhelat,reported.

Roji Kurd: “A. Mahmoudi” a Kurd soldier from the village of Darbkeh,Piranshahr city died due to a mine blast in Qasr-ge-Shirin,Kermanshah province,according to a report from Kurdistan Human Right Organization-Rojhelat.

The Kurd soldier was the victim of a mine blast, leaving only two months of compulsory military service.

Iran is one of the few countries that have not yet signed the Ottawa Convention. Meanwhile, 164 countries have already agreed to the “Ottawa Convention” to ban anti-people mines.

The highest mortality and financial losses from mine explosions in Iran are in Kurdistan.

For both people,one mine was planted in eastern Kurdistan by the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to reports from the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization (HRW) and the Kurdistan Human Rights Organizations-Geneva.

The Islamic Republic of Iran attributes these mines to the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq,he has evidence that especially during the past three years, New mines have been planted to some extent in the border areas, especially on the borders of Marivan, Piranshahr and Baneh,according to Helmet Maaroufi responsible Kurdistan Human Right Organization-Rojhelat.

The type of these mines is new and new and is different from the mines of the time of the war between Iran and Iraq,Helmet maaroufi reported.

Current statistics show that the Islamic Republic of Iran has planted more than 20 million anti-people landmines in 4 million and 200,000 hectares of eastern Kurdistan.

By: Rozhan Adlnia




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