Another Kurdish young was killed under torture by Iranian Intelligency Agency.


The intentional slaughter of young Kurdish in detentions center and under torture by Iranian Intelligence Agency is continued.

Roji Kurd: Chosen have silence, absolute against this killing, and even publish the news, in sync with the Islamic Republic of Iran the institution of the so-called Human Rights, this silence reflects the fascist outlook of this so-called human rights activist, who abuse human rights as a way for thier living and working in line with Have chosen to keep the violation of rights among non-Persian nations in Iran.

“Ghobad Aazami”kurdish young from Javanrood city in Kermanshah province,His corpse has been delivered to his family just two days after his arrest and detention,According to a report Kurdistan Human Right Organisation-Rojhelat.

“Ghobad Azami” has suicided in the detention center through medication,The Ministry of Intelligence officials have argued that.
This is despite the fact that no access to ordinary headache remedies is available to detainees in the detention centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The killing of this kurdish young under torture occurs while, according to a Kurdistan Human Rights Organisation report, on Saturday 24th February, a young Kurdish medical student named “Talib Besatiwend” from Ilam, was murdered under torture by the intelligence agents, after spending 7 days in detention. He was arrested on Sunday 18th February in his parents’ house in Ilam.

More Related News:

The number of demonstrators killed in custody is on the rise amid violent crackdown on anti-government protests.

–              According to a report from the Kurdistan-Rojhelat Human Rights Organization, Saro Ghahremani, 24, from Sanandaj, who was arrested during wide spread Iran protests is tortured to death in January 12th 2018. He was buried on Saturday morning 13th January 2018, in Behesht Mohammadi Cemetery in Sanandaj.

–              On Monday, 1st January 2018, in Kermanshah province, one person was killed, which has been identified as Behzad Shaswari.

–              Kianoush Zandi. One of other arrested Kurdish Citizens, who was arrested during wide spread Iran protests is tortured to death in 13th 2018. He was just 24 Years old

– Gholamreza Mohammadi, from Kermashan, who was arrested during wide spread Iran protests in January, 2, 2018 and is tortured to death in January 20th 2018.

Arrested People in Kurdistan during these protest:

–              Four Kurdish university students have been arrested in these time, The names are: Kuroush Haqiqi, son of Mohammad, from Buokan City, who is Student in Shiraz University

–              Shamal Khousrawi, Son of Hossain, from Saqez, who is Student in Shiraz University.

–              Hesam rashidzade, From bOukan, , who is Student in Shiraz University

These Three Kurdish University Student have been arrested in 1th January 2018 and we have no information about their situation and they have been arrested till now without connection with their families and the right to have a lawyer.

–              Salar Mobaraki, 24 year old, a Kurish university student in Rasht University, has been arrested in 3 th January, and his fate is unclear till now.

–              Touran Mehraban, the Kurdosh student of Orumieh University, has been arrested in 1 the in Orumieh. She was in Jail for 6 days and based of the Kurdistan-Rojhelat Human Rights Organization, she was under torture during the arresting time.

Other Arrested Kurdish citizens in last common protests in Iran.

–              Poria Amjadian,  form Kermashan, 17 Years old.

–              Fazilat Mostafayi, Pezhman surye and Jawid Dabaghi, from Saqez, have been arrested in 3th January 2018.

Based on our information, 7 other Kurdish citizens in Saqez city have been arrested, but their identity is not clear till now.

–              Naseh Mohammadi, from Pranshar, has been arrested in his own work place in Hospital in 7ty January and till now, his fate is unclear.

–              Ako Yari, from Jwanro, has been arrested in 7th January and has been transfer to Iranian Inetlligant Agency in Kermashan provine, the most terrible place for arrested people in Kurdistan.

–              Hossain Baqeri, a Kurdish writer and Poit from Ilam, who is well known as “Zhakan Baran”, has been arrested in 14th Januar and his fate is unclear till now.

Also we have received news and information about Sexual assault on one of Arrested Kurdish citizens in Rajaii shahr prison. His name is Mohsen. R, 23 years old. Based on these news he is in cell number 3 in Rajayi shahr Jail. We are proving this news now.

By: Rozhan Adlnia, who is a Kurdish Journalist and Human Right activist in Roji Kurd center and Kurdistan Human Right Organization- Rojhelat.




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