Earthquake in Kermanshah: Iran’s new genocide against religious and ethnic minorities


Roji Kurd: The destruction caused by the recent Earthquake, is being used as a new instrument, by the Iranian regime, to advance their continued genocide against religious and ethnic minorities.

In the aftermath of the Earthquake, the Iranian government, instead of sending aid and rescue teams to all affected regions, used the humanitarian disaster as an opportunity to further its long standing “Ethnic Cleansing” of the Kurds and more specifically the Yarsan’s religious minority of Kermanshah province.

Iran’s discrimination and intolerance against religious minorities is even most evident in the way they have conducted their rescue efforts and aid distribution, by sending no aid to the districts and villages were occupants are either Sunni Kurds or Yarsan Kurds.

Religious war that the Islamic Republic has waged against the Yarsan Kurds, seems to have reached a new peak after the Sunday earthquake.

According to latest reports, some badly-hit villages in western Kermanshah province, where the residents are mostly Yarsans, have been completely abandoned by the Iranian authorities during the rescue operations and haven’t received any aid or assistance.

The discriminatory Iranian constitution, doesn’t recognise the Yarsan as a religious minority and accuses them of falsifying Islam. Therefore, the Iranian’s law doesn’t regard the Yarsans as persons with full equality. This could also affect the Yarsan Kurds’ entitlement to receive any aid leaving them out of disaster relief operations, entirely.

By: Bahozikurdistan, Journalist and Human Right defender in Roji Kurd center.

By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan




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