Is US losing the support and cooperation of Kurds in future?


Roji Kurd: IRAN is separating his power more and more in region, Hamas, Fath, Hezbolla, Hudsis, Hashd Al Shaabi, Alshabab, Al Shabab, Buko Haram and …so.

But USA is thinking to similarities with Iraq, which is leading and conducting by Ebadi, who follows Iran clearly. I dont know, maybe USA is not so serious to destroy this regime in Iran. But it is just a fucking crazy idea to delet this regime with a cooperation with Iran’s best friends. It is not clear, is USA playing with the world’s future or not. It is so funny, if USA believes Ebadi and Iraqi regime.

The Shitti idea is the first and main column in Iraqi new regime and in Iran’s regime. they will follow this idea together and they are thinking to make his ideal bridge between Tehran and Lebanon to Mediterranean sea if USA and Kingdom of saudi be crazy and trust to Ebadi and Iraqi regime.

Now todey, the Iraqi government has dismissed a call from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson for Iranian-backed paramilitary units that helped Baghdad defeat ISIS to end operations in Iraq.

Speaking after a meeting on Sunday with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, Tillerson said it was time for the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) militias and their Iranian advisers to “go home”.

Washington, which backed Baghdad against ISIS, is concerned Iran will use its expanded presence in Iraq and in Syria to expand its influence in the region.

But Abadi showed unwillingness to meet Tillerson’s demand.

Trained and armed by Iran, the Iraqi PMU militias often supported Iraqi government units in the fight against the militants who were effectively defeated in July when a US-backed offensive captured their stronghold Mosul.

They are paid by the Iraqi government and officially report to the prime minister, but some Arab Sunni and Kurdish politicians describe these militias as a de facto branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp.

“No party has the right to interfere in Iraqi matters,” the statement from his office read. It did not cite the prime minister himself but a “source” close to him.

Now Qasem Soleimani is in Iraq, this is clear and not needed to give a document, the videos and reports prove this. they are attacking the Kurds, they are killing the Kurds, USA’s best ally in the region, but Trump and Rex Tilerson and EU are just monitoring and Trump said “The Iraq and Kurds are our friends, we want them to stop the war”, this is just a fucking cooperation with Baghdad, not more.

This is just helping Iraq to kill the Kurds more and more. Who helped you in fight against the ISIS? Do you remember “Mousl”? No, maybe your historical mind is not so powerful and maybe you dont want to remember. But i tell you, if you dot stop the IRGC in Iraq now, they have many really horrible plans to attack you in Joursalim and Washington, they say themselves it clearly and maybe you think that this is just a fucking Joke.

But you are losing the Kurds support in the region, the Kurds don’t believe and don’t relay on you more, this will be horrible for you in the next periods in next future.





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