US is denying Kurds and supporting IRGC terrorists in Iraq indirectly


Roji Kurd:The IRGC terrorist leader, Ghasem Soleimani is clearly leading the Shitti militia’s Hashd Al Shahbi in Kurdistan, but us says, we will respect the Iraq’s territorial integrity.

more than 24 Kurdish people have been injured, last day in Khanaqinm one of them is dead.

The IRGC’s terrorist’s attacks on Iraqi Kurds is continue. now there is a fight between Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi Militia in “Prde”.

Ghasem Soleimani is leading the Hashd Al Shahbi and Iraqi Army in Kerkuk. the Kurds say, the US must stop him. #IRGC terrists are killing the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan, but US and EU are just talking about the Iraq’s territorial integrity. “Human right is just a fucking joke”, The Kurdish politic activists say.

The advance of the Iraqi army against Peshmerga has stopped in Sherava. My sources say that General Qassim Soleimani, head of Iranian Quds forces, is the direct commander for the war against Kirkuk. I was unable to confirm that this video I am sharing is from Kirkuk, but I confirm that the man in the video is Qassim Soleimani.

“The #Kurds will remain, on one can remove us. US and EU are losing their best friends in Middle East”: The Kuridish politic activists say.
“The United States of course is deeply invested in the Iraqi army. Billions of dollars in aid and advanced weaponry have gone to rebuilding the army over the last decade, with the help of thousands of U.S. military advisers”,  Helmet Maroufi, a Kurdish journalist said the Roji Kurd.
“Washington has also worked closely with the Kurds, both in Iraq and Syria, in the campaign against the Islamic State”: he continued.
Supporting the Kurds and acting decisively to cut off the Shi’ite Crescent are just two on a list of actions the United States could take to act more forcefully against Iran’s influence in the region – all more effective and less controversial than fulminating against the nuclear agreement. The administration could impose more effective limits on the Iraqi and Lebanese armies, both of which receive American aid and weapons, to ensure they don’t allow Iranian proxies such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and PMU militias in Iraq access to these weapons.
“We want just peace and democracy, but if you attack us, this will be your future. #Trump, Stop Ghasem Soleimani in Kurdistan as soon as”: the Kurdish activist says.
“This is your permission, #Trump#Merkel#Macron#May, if IRGC Terrorist is killing the Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan. you are in a great collaboration and cooperation with international terrorism. Stop your Terrorists, Stop your fucking method to kill the Kurds, you can’t remove us. Stop you boy, Qasem Solaimani in Kerkuk”: one of the Kurdish activists, has written in his Face book account today.




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