Iranian officials lived in a fantasy few days ago, and they even turned into a joke after the Iranian government announced by its Foreign Ministry for imposing sanctions on 15 US companies, mostly military industries’ ones. Many Iranians ridiculed Rouhani’s government for that announcement and some said that these sanctions are symbolic and fruitless, as Iran does not deal with these companies at all, and it is incapable to seize their assets or prohibit contact with them!

Among these companies, Beni Tal security company, United Technologies, ITT Corporation, Raytheon, Re/Max real estate, Magnum Research Inc., Oshkosh Corporation, Kahr Arms and Elbit Systems.

The Iranian decision provoked laughter and ridicule among many observers and specialists, while the American administration has not shown any interest or reaction to this decision. In response to a proposal by US lawmakers to introduce further sanctions against Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and to put it on the terrorism list, the Chairman of the Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Iranian Shura Council, Alaeddin Boroujerdi, revealed, In the first meeting of the Council in the new Iranian year, that a draft resolution to list the US military and intelligence on the terrorism list for their role in supporting terrorist organizations in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan. Boroujerdi stressed that the United States is the biggest supporter of terrorism, and important decisions will be taken against it.

In fact, Iran knows for certain that such decisions are useless and will have no effect on those companies, and that its classification for any foreign institution as terrorist will have no effect whatsoever. However, Iran’s goal from these decisions is merely propogandist and to show that it remains strong and it can withstand international sanctions, as it is become certain that the US administration will impose more sanctions on Tehran until its regime lift the white flag and stop its terrorist activities and its destructive project in the region.

This Iranian response to the imposition of new US sanctions on Tehran on March 12, came in a random manner which showed the failure of the government and the regime. Iran condemned the recent US actions of imposing a unilateral ban on some institutions and figures in Iran, and considered these actions of being contrary to the international law and to the Nuclear Deal between Iran and the international group 5 + 1, therefore, it wanted to respond at any cost and in any way to save face despite being just for show.

These decisions reveal the Iranian fears of listing the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist entity, which will impose significant impacts on the country, since the Revolutionary Guard controls most of the Iranian investments and economy. Therefore, imposing sanctions on it means imposing further sanctions on the collapsed Iranian economy, and this step will also limit the movements of the Revolutionary Guard and its terrorist activities in the region. As the Revolutionary Guard is considered the backbone of the Iranian regime and it controls all sovereign and institutional positions, listing it as a terrorist entity would mean regarding the Iranian regime as a terrorist regime and there must bring it down. Moreover, this will encourage the supressed Iranian peoples to revolt against the regime and it will help the internal opposition to communicate with the international community and ask for help to change this regime, which has become a heavy burden on the country.

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