Continued attack by Iranian extremists on female artists in Kermanshah


Iranian religious extremists have again attacked solo female artists in Kermanshah. The head of Qom Seminary Teachers Society (QSTS) has in a public letter to the local governor demanded more restraints on “such unlawful acts.”

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) reports that on 29 January of this year at the conference of Iran’s Architectural history, a short piece Kurdish music was performed by the four members of the Dayrak Khatoon’s music group, which was then later brought to the attention of associates of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

The band was scheduled to perform again at the International Festival of Nations on 2 February but was banned, due to the accusation of female artists performing solo music tracks in their performance, which is prohibited under the Iran regime.

Despite the banning of the band from playing, Iranian religious extremists further attacked the group.

A letter by QSTS head Ayatollah Yazdi was published by Mersad news on 28 February, addressed to the governor of Kurmanshah on the performance of the females in the music group. Ayatollah Yazdi wrote:  

On 28 February, Mersad news published a letter by QSTS head Ayatollah Yazdi’s addressed to the governor of Kermanshah on the subject of the performance of females in the music group. Ayatollah Yazdi wrote: “Kermanshah is Iran province or Italy or France? Why you do not prevent this unlawful act while you are watching it? Everyone who has allowed guilt will get in trouble on judgment day by God.”

The governor of Kermanshah replied to the letter, a copy of which was published by IRNA, saying: “Responsible people and members of the band have been summoned by judiciary system for the unintentional error.”

The performance in question which took place at the Architectural History of Iran event on 29 January was not a ceremony but only a small five-minute part of the scientific programme, during which over sixty scientific papers were presented. Dayrak Khatoon performed a single song during the programme with the permission of the province.

According to several reports, a technical problem occurred in the audio devices which caused the voice of one member of the band to be heard more clearly than the others, and there were no intentional solo performances.

Dayrak Khatoon’s music group includes women playing the Tambour instrument. The band has performed for their fans for several years in various cities and venues.




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