About Us: Rojikurd Association

Roji Kurd is a cultural, social, political and art channel which is headquartered in France and officially licensed by France .the centre plans to open other offices in other countries in Near future.

In addition to the news department and service, roji Kurd centre has official activities in other fields such as opening exhibitions in different  dimensions  and aspects ,organizing seminars ,conferences in various dimensions and aspects in France and other European countries.

The roji kurd centre is independent of any Iranian, Kurdish, global and regional parties and organizations and all its decisions are made independently and it strives to be a speaker of no current thoughts or parties and it will continue its way away from tensions , political thoughts  and its policy is determined only by the national interests of the Kurdish people.

The roji kurd centre is based on the basic foundations of democracy ,freedom and human rights and has a deep belief in the main slogan of the French government ,which is “freedom ,equality and  fraternity”. Modern and contemporary Religious beliefs are also respected and valued.

Roji kurd centre is managed by the leadership group, taking into a accounts the rules and universal principals of the free world and roji kurd  also believes in the freedom of speech title. the roji kurd TV, website ,radio try to be a bridge between the Kurds and the outside  world.

The roji Kurd’s centre is constantly trying to attract members by considering its geographical boundaries ,and issuing  Membership card to its members.  from this view, we need a helping hand from all intellectuals ,journalists, writers ,artists and activists in various fields of Kurdish and  non-Kurdish subjects and we declare that the roji Kurd belongs  to all free thinkers.

Roji Kurd centre is not financially supported by any institutions and currently We only rely on this centre active member’s support, so we hope that as the government supported us in granting the license, as it helped us in granting the license, it would  help and support us as much as possible in order to provide financial resources. We ask for the help and assistance of an Kurdish free thinkers and those  who can support us  in this regard. an account number will be mentioned for this purpose in near future.

News and information section;

News and information

Roji kurd departments have been formed of the website, radio and all broadcast their contents Under the roji Kurd name.

Roji Kurd website:

This site is being updated continuously and it is consisted of  literature, sport, news, articles, interviews  and ideas. and now the contents are available in Kurdish(Badini and Sorani ),Persian ,English ,French, Germany, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Arabic ,Azari, Baluchi and Russian.

Roji Kurd Television

It is 24 hours television it broadcasts News, interviews, documentaries and music. Currently it is only online and plans to launch its own broadcasts in the near future.

ROji Kurd television channel address: www.rojikurd.net/tv

Roji Kurd radio centre

This centre is online and broadcasts news, interviews and music. To listen to roji Kurd radio please refer to the following address.


Roji Kurd journal

Roji Kurd journal is an online journal and in each issue, the topic of prominent Kurdish politician is published and it will be available to readers and enthusiasts through the main Roji Kurd website.

Roji Kurd uses real and trusted sources and all its efforts are broadcasting correct news.

In addition to news Roji Kurd broadcasts articles and reports and also talks with Kurdish and non-Kurdish characters about various topics and issues. Roji Kurd tries to enlighten the readers by expressing different views in this regard and helps the readers to achieve a real and desirable understanding of the issues.

Roji Kurd has been operating since august,23 ,2015 in Kurdish, Persian, English, French, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Hebrew, Arabic, Turkish, Azeri, Baluchi and Russian languages and now has created various department with the world spoken languages.

Contact email address


Modern and academic media and journalism are the Roji Kurd field of working. Roji Kurd works  not only without any bias but also in a principled and even critical way.

Roji Kurd ‘s goal in criticism is only to be constructive not destructive .meanwhile it tries to protect Kurdish achievements and object. Roji  Kurd will never sacrifice national interests for any other parties or personal interests.

Roji  Kurd welcomes any criticisms and suggestions ,provided that it is in accordance whit the main criteria of  frees thought.

Roji Kurd is only responsible for the issues and contents that are published under the name of this centre.

The Roji Kurd centre has no responsibility for the contents which are published under the authors ,researchers, etc.. name, and their publication dose not  imply intellectual conformity or acceptance by the centre ,while publishing the news ,Roji Kurd  tries to talk to experts and posts their opinion.

Opinion can be contradictory and agreeable,  but in general, the centre tries to convey the news and events in the same way that they have occurred and to seriously avoid any kinds of news deviation and reality change.

Other affiliate and subsidiary website of Roji Kurd:

1-the Merowaiti website, entitled The eastern(Rojelat) Kurdistan Human Rights Violation in Iran and Kurdistan and it is officially registered in Geneva UN human rights section.

2-the jingawan website addresses environmental issues and it is officially registered whit the Kurdistan environmental protection Agency in France.

3-the Hana website works as the Kurdistan Refugee Protection Organization , that it is officially r4- Hawar ‘s website is registered as Kurdish women organization in France.

5- The Grogali mendalani Kurd website is registered in France  as children and adolescents protection organization.

6- The Kurdish Journalists website works as a Kurdistan Journalists Organization in France .

7-Sar Bakoie website works officially in France  as the organization for Kurdistan independence and defends the Kurdish rights in independency .

8- Kurdistan Strategic research website works as a research centre about four part of Kurdistan in France , for more information and joining The English section of Roji Kurd please contact BahoziKurdistan , the manager of this section registered in France.

The manager of this section name is BahoziKurdistan SARVIN. Bahoz is pseudonym, Due to the manager lives in iran where is an insecure country for journalists we refrain from mentioning her real name.

Contact email: bahozikurdistan@gmail.com

By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan