Roji Kurd is a cultural, artistic, political, and social center. The head office is placed in France and its accreditation was issued by France too. Roji kurd is active in preparing exhibitions, conferences and seminars in France. On 23 August 2015, site of Roji kurd has started the activity with Kurdish, Persian, and English languages. It is proud that has continued working with French, Arabic, Turkish, German, and Baluchi languages.
Roji kurd is independent from any Iranian, kurdish and regional party, organization and policy. All decisions are taken independently, and then it tries to be the spokesman of no special party or thought but to be the spokesman of the RIGHT.
Roji kurd is attempting to increase the formal members thus he is asking for the help of all intellectuals, journalists, writers, artists and activists. Roji kurd belongs to all freethinkers.
The part of News and Information:
This part consists of website, television, radio and magazine. All of them, under the name of “Roji Kurd”, are broadcasting their activities.
The Address of Site: www.rojikurd.net
The Address of TV Channel: www.rojikurd.net/tv
The Address of Radio: www.rojikurd.net/radio