“Peyman Mirzazade”a Kurdish artist was arrested.


On 21th February 2019 “Peyman Mirzazade” a Kurdish singer son of Nouradin from Gongchin village,Orumiyeh province was arrested by Iranian Intelligence Agency,Kurdistan Human Right Organization_Rojhelat,reported.

This singer was arrested on charges of “reading Kurdish epic and revolutionary songs” and was transferred to detention center Iranian Intelligence Agency of Orumiyeh,according to an informed source.

On 25th February 2019 this singer has been transferred to the Orumieh Central Prison after interrogation.

The Iranian Intelligence Agency of Orumiyeh has read the Kurdish epic songs by this singer as “propaganda against the regime and cooperation with the Kurdish parties of the Iranian government’s opposition”,this source informed.

On 18 December 2017 this artist was arrested on charges of “reading Kurdish epic and revolutionary songs” and arrested by the Iranian Intelligence Agency and in the second week of January 2018 he was sentenced to six months discretionary imprisonment from the Third Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia on charges of “propaganda against the regime” without the right to choose a lawyer.

On 8 June 2018 “Peyman Mirzadeh”was released from the central prison of Orumiyeh after finishing his six-month sentence.

By:Rozhan adlnia




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