The issuance of a 10-year prison sentence for a Sardasht citizen charged with membership in the Kurd Party.


On May 2018 the highest rate of sentences for Kurdish citizens has been witnessed over the past year. Following the issuance of sentences for Kurd citizens in Iran, a young from Sardasht was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for membership in the Kurd Party.
Roji Kurd: 18-year-old”Milad Kazhi” from Sardasht convicted of a 10-year imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court, charged with “membership in the Kurd Party” and “acting against national security’s”,Kurdistan Human Right Organization_Rojhelat,reported.

The verdict was issued to the Kurdish citizen in Sardasht Prison in the early days of April 2018.

On March 2018 “Miladi Kazhi”was arrested by the Iranian Intelligency Agency in this district and was charged with “membership in the Kurd Party” and is currently serving his sentence in Sardasht Prison.

BY: Rozhan Adlnia




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