Throwing “Kolber’s” with closed hand and foot in East Kurdistan


By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan

Throwing “Kolber’s” with closed hand and foot,a new method of Iran’s systematic Slaughtering in Kurdistan,Report.
“Kolber’s”slaughter is one of the common methods used by the Islamic Republic of Iran to systematically kill Cordes in eastern Kordestan, but recent cases have been reported in which “Kolber’s” has been thrown and killed with closed hands and feet at the highlands.

by: BahoziKurdistan SARVIN

Roji Kurd: The “Kolber’s” Slaughter by using direct shootings and even beatings in the Islamic Republic, and according to the law communicated to the border guard and law enforcement forces is a natural occurrence in this Islamic regime. But the killer of “Kolber’s” by throwing from highs is an issue that has been reported so far,Mirofayeti.

Continuing this inhuman and systematic way of killing the “Kolber’s” especially from agents who, for reasons of war between Iran and Iraq, are seeking Kurd’s intentional killings, has raised a wide range of concerns among civil society activists and human rights activists in east Kurdistan. By reintroducing the body image of Kurd”Kolber” Shovaneh Rasouli from Baneh, this has become one of the hot topics for Kurdish activists in virtual networks.

This method from “Kolber’s” killing has been repeatedly reported,especially since the fall of 1396(Persian calendar),which we will look at here.

On 10 February 2018,25_years_old “Shovaneh Rasouli” from Baneh city,hisbody was found within a valley after a week’s with a closed hand and foot.

The border guards after his arrest closed his hand and feet and throws him into the valley,according to Kolber’s.

Also, in January 2018 the Iranian regime’s military forces on the Baneh border in the Kurdistan region arrested four ”Kolber’s” and thrown into the valley that led to the death one of them and the probability of death is three others.
“Azad Ghasemi”,son of”Tovfigh” from Spore village, Saqez city the person’s profile is dead and the other three”Kolber”,after being thrown down the abyss, are severely injured and they are in coma.
In the course of this incident, two “Kolber”who were witnesses to the incident, were arrested by the Iranian regime’s forces, and were transferred to an unknown location.

This “Kolber’s” who were even unloaded, were thrown by the border guards for killing them with closed hands from a high abyss to the bottom,according to Mirofayeti journalist.

The two detainees, who had seen the killing of these “Kolber’s” from the outset, were prosecuted by the border guards and arrested near the border town of Siirsan.
If they were not arrested near the Siirsan village they were likely to be killed, but because of how many people saw the arrest of these two “Kolber”they were lucky to survive.

At present, the families of these six “Kolber’s” are severely threatened by the Border and Security Regiment, which, in the event of news reporting and interviews with the media, will face security forces.

Earlier, in mid-March 2012, police arrested four”Kolber” from Mahabad city to names:16-years-old”Hossein Rostam Nezhad”and20-years-old”Hoshyar Rostam Nejad” son of Mohammad, and”Razgar Matofzadeh” son of Kamal, in “Khilarash” area in a place with name “Shahab al-Din” was arrested in Baneh and then thrown them down with the closed hands and feet from the height of the “Sorkiyo” mountain.

The families of these four “Kolber” killed were confirmed murder their children through throwing out of the Sorkiyo abyss by the Iranian regime’s military forces.

The presence of “Kolber” in the Iranian Kurdistan is one of the signs of the lack of employment and discrimination policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The lack of employment and income to provide a living has forced the people of the cities and villages of Kurdistan to go to “Kolber” in Iran.

Human rights activists in Kurdistan believe that”Kolber” is one of the systematic methods of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Kurd human pride and also to shred the pretext for their killing.

nstead of solving the unemployment problem in Kurdistan and creating job creation, the Islamic Republic of Iran has, until now, cleared the issue and attempted to kill “Kolber”, who often carries a carton of cigarettes or tea.

This policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kurdistan is a kind of gradual genocide in Kurdistan, which daily takes lives in a number of cities in the border towns and sometimes also sacrifices ordinary and non-citizens.




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