Iranian regime burns cafe in Ahwaz, kills 11

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At least 11 people, including children, were reportedly burnt alive and many more rushed to hospital with life-threatening burn injuries following a horrendous deliberately ignited blaze in a cafe in the capital of Ahwaz earlier last night.

Roji Kurd: This comes as the protests of the Arab people of Ahwaz, suffering from decades-long occupation, entered its 10th day.

Survivors and bystanders reported that at least one unidentified man believed to be affiliated to the Iranian intelligence services had blocked the front door and emergency exit of the coffee shop in the Keyan neighborhood of the city.

He then hosed the building with gasoline which he also sprayed through the windows, and setting it alight.

He then fled the scene accompanied by others. Around 80 people were inside the cafe at the time, with survivors and witnesses who rushed to extinguish the blaze, reporting that they had no way to escape.

The names of those killed in the incident include Hassan Haidar, Adnan Afarani and Farhan Hardani.

Among those injured are Hamza Tai, 32, Hashim Afraoui, 19, and Amri Pour, 27, who were taken to the hospital for treatment.




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