The fate of three arrested citizens is vague and worrying.


The fate of two citizens from Sanandaj city and a citizen from Mahabad city who had been arrested during the past two weeks, is still uncertain and alarming. Due to the massive killing of Kurdish citizens under torture, there are also three Kurdish citizens killed.

Roji Kird: Three Kurdish citizens called “Erfan Sa’edpnah”, “Yadollah Mohammadi” and “Behzad Khezri”, who have been arrested by the Iranian Intelligency Agency in two last weeks in two cities of Sanandaj and Mahabad in east Kurdistan, have so far been in a vague and disturbing fate. They stay.

On 19 March 2018 “Erfan Sa’edpnah” from Sanandaj, a political science student at Kharazmi University of Tehran, has been arrested by the Iranian Intelligency Agency in Sanandaj city.

On 29 March 2018 a civilian citizen from Mahabad city was arrested by the Iranian Intelligency Agency in this city, and his fate has so far been vague,Kurdistan Human Rights Organization-Rojhelat,reported.

On 29 March 2018”Behzad Khezri” a civil citizen from Mahabad city due to attending a large number of young people from the Kurds of East Kurdistan and Mahabad city on the cemetery of the martyrs of this city he was arrested and no information is available about him, and the relevant authorities are not ready to respond to his family,according to the report.

The Ministry of Intelligence officials first seized his car records and then arrested and detained himself,according to a report.
The reason for his arrest and detention is the reciprocation of allegiance with the judge Mohammad and the martyrs of Kurdistan.

On other side, On Thursday 9 March 2018, a Sanandaj citizen with the identity of Yadollah Mohammadi from Sanandaj city was due to read and The execution of the moment of the revolutionary anthem “The Kurdistan of My Life … Peshmerga being my way of Redemption” on the age of musicians at Park 28 of Dey,the city, was captured by the Iranian Intelligency Agency and moved to an undisclosed location,Kurdistan Human Rights Organization-Rojhelat,reported.

“Alireza Mahmoudi”the reader of the ceremony and his accompanying music group, and even the mayor’s deputy, were arrested and searched for three hours by the Sanandaj Information Protection Agency on charges of “coordinating this song”,a report by the Mirofayeti reporter.

The fate of these three citizens is vague and worrying and there is fear of losing their lives under torture.

During the current Nowrouz ceremony this year, Sanandaj city in 28th Dey Park Yadollah Mohammadi, who was already a singer, has gone to the age, and by taking the microphone of the reader of the ceremony, a famous revolutionary song “Kurdistan is my life … Peshmergh being my way of Redemption” But was immediately arrested by the Iranian Intelligency Agency who controlled all of the ceremony and moved to an undisclosed location.

The fate of this Kurdish citizen is worrisome due to the security of Kurdistan in Iran and the likelihood of his death under torture.

This New Year’s in eastern Kurdistan was held under more stringent security measures than any other year.

The five Kurdish parties opposing the Iranian regime, in a joint statement, called on the people of eastern Kurdistan to conduct massive ceremonies and use national symbols.

 By: Rozhan Adlnia




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