Who is a terrorist?

By: Keyhan Yusefi

Edited by: Kajal Mohammadi

Sex days ago, today 25.01.2018 , Turkey attacked to Afrin, the Kurdish city in West Kurdistan, otherwise known as Rojava (or Syrian Kurdistan).

Turkey as it seems had received approval from the Russians to carry out these attacks on the Kurdish freedom fighters across the border. Their reasons, according to Erdogan, Turkey’s president has to do with keeping Turkey’s borders safe from Kurdish insurgencies. The same borders that were used up until several month ago by ISIS militant to enter Syria and Iraq. Turkey, in the fight against ISIS did not even allow for the US and the allies in the struggle against the militant group to use its airspace.

The Kurds, those praised by the free world as the saviors of humanity are not under the attack of the Turkish forces and state aggression and violence. The same forces that not only not fought against ISIS but allowed for them to use Turkey to enter Syria and Iraq. The same Kurds defended humanity by blood and took up arms in thousands to protect their communities and to prevent ISIS members from fleeing elsewhere.

Today, and ever since Turkey, a NATO member has begun its assault on the Kurds, Western media outlets, the same media outlets that up until yesterday called them heroes and protectors of humanity are not calling these men and women “terrorists” and repeat the same discourses used by the leader of Turkey.

The simple question here is, who is the terrorist? The Kurdish warriors who stood up for the world? Those same Kurds who have since the partition of their land been subjected to assimilatory and discriminatory policies, or the nation-states that employed these practices to annihilate them in the first place?

The Kurds numbering in over 45 million are once again the victim of Western interests. The Western powers not only betrayed the Kurds, but also betrayed their own democratic values and morality by siding with the aggressors against the heroes of yesterday and the “terrorists” of today!

These democratic countries, as well as the rest of the world tend to agree on one thing and one thing only – Kurds cannot and must not live freely on their own lands! The current assault by the Turks on the Kurds is nothing new – the Kurds have since the 1920s struggled and resisted aggression from the dominate nation states of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria and will continue to do so in their struggle for national survival and the democratization of the region. Who will stand with them? So far, no one has, even the countries preaching to the rest of the world about democratic values, norms and institutions!

Kurdistan has not in the past and will never going forward surrender! The Kurds live to struggle another day, another year, another decade and another century!




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