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Mouloud Swara

Writted by: Mouloud Swara

On July 13th, it’s 28 years since Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, the most famous leader of Eastern Kurdistan and the general secretary of KDP was assassinated. After participating in Socialist International’s congress in Sweden, DR. Ghassemlou travelled to Vienna in order to negotiate with Iranian government’s “representatives” in order to find a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question in Iran.

Based on the idea that Kurds basically do not want war and the belief that there is no military solution to the Kurdish question and considering the fact that the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq had recently ended and the time for peace and reconstruction in Iran had come, Dr. Ghassemlou was searching for peaceful resolution of Kurdish question and to end the war in Kurdistan.

That is why he went to negotiate with the so called Iranian diplomats without considering the security arrangements. Instead of using the opportunity to put an end in foreign and domestic wars and give the Iranian people the genuine peace they deserved, the other party, the Iranian authorities followed their previous path of deception and assassination and plotted to murder Dr. Ghassemlou and his comrades.

The Vienna assassination was not the Iranian regimes the first act of state sponsored terror and they have not stopped the policy of annihilation of dissidents. From the beginning of the theocratic regime in Iran until now, more than 60 thousand Kurds in Eastern Kurdistan have been killed. More than 300 Iranian Kurdish political activists in South Kurdistan in violation of sovereignty of a neighboring country have been assassinated by Iranian terrorists. A dozen has been abducted without any trace of their whereabouts. Many European and Asian countries have become the scene of the Iranian assassins to eradicate the dissidents and this is not a strange thing to many of you. On the other side, the Kurdish struggle in Kurdish land which is divided between four countries has been going on for more than a century and despite all the efforts to crush it, it’s now known all over the world. Many of you who knew Dr. Ghassemlou are aware of his thought and convictions appreciate that his philosophy could help resolving many of today’s conflicts in the Middle East.

The question we Kurds never stop asking is how come the Austrian authorities for the sake of some trade interests with the theocratic dictatorship ignored all principles of rule of law, are officially allowed the terrorists of the Vienna assassination to return to Tehran?

How come the European countries which are the defendants of democracy in the world and they claim to be defendant the human rights, did not protest against this barbaric assassination?

The Kurds will never forgive the Austrian government’s unlawful handling of the Vienna assassination.

Eastern Kurdistan is a vast area with almost 10 million people with considerable natural resources and one of the richest parts of Iran. If this people could govern themselves and use the region’s resources for their prosperity, not only they will have live a decent and good life, they also could create a good and secure place for foreign investment.  But despite all these natural wealth people are living a harsh life and many of them have to commute the border areas and use primitive transportation tools like horses and mules and even their body to transport goods between South and East Kurdistan. Despite the hardship, the Iranian revolutionary guards attack these goods transporters and kill them indiscriminately. Is it justified in 21th century to get killed just to try to make a living? This is more painful considering the fact that the whole world is watching in silence.

We all know that the Islamic Republic of Iran has become a center of terrorism and destabilization which its clergy dictators’ dream of creating a theocratic Shia empire, has destabilized the whole region and their illicit activities will not stop until the international community forces them to abandon their imperialistic dreams. Where ever the Islamic terrorists lay their hands, death and abuse of human rights is spread and today the Kurds in all four countries have become a shield against terror and terrorism and the reactionary forces. They are the spearhead in the war against dark forces and they are sacrificing themselves in this struggle. Therefore, it would be unjust if all these struggle and sacrifices which is for the sake of the entire region and its people and even people elsewhere is not acknowledged and is forgotten.

Everyone knows that the Kurds are the largest people in the world without a nation and that a large portion of them are still persecuted and denied their basic human rights. It is not only a just cause but in the interest all parties to pay more attention to the Kurds and support their struggle.

On 28th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou and his comrades, we remember their sacrifice and honour their memory.

I urge everyone to support (more than before), our human and national struggle.

Towards a world without killing,

Mouloud Swara member of central committee of KDP-Iran’s and representative of the Party in the UK





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