Teachers’ Group Says Life Of Its Member In Danger


The Iranian Teachers’ Organization (ITO) announced on Thursday, May 25, that Esmail Abdi’s life is in danger and demanded his release from prison.

Mr. Abdi is a member of ITO’s board of governors. ITO is a teachers’ trade organization in Iran.

In the statement, ITO expresses concern that Mr. Abdi’s hunger strike has lasted too long and “it has caused trepidation not only for his family but also among educators and even among the public in general”.

Esmail Abdi, who is serving a six-year prison term, started his hunger strike on May 1, almost four weeks ago.

Abdi, who was the former secretary general of ITO is protesting what he says are “unjust and illegal actions towards civic activists in Iran, the lack of an independent judiciary and convictions handed out against members of teachers and workers’ organizations to prison terms”.

Mr. Abdi is also demanding for his case to be taken out of what in Iran is often called a “security threat” category.

In its statement, ITO criticizes the indifference of authorities toward Mr. Abdi’s condition and asks why they do not act at least for the sake of his family.




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