“Kurdish Women: Double Enmity”

Ahmad Mohammadi Moghaddas
Ahmad Mohammadi Moghaddas

Ahmad Mohammadi Moghaddas

The Islamic Republic of Iran, which is presided over by revolting Mullahs, ranks number one, internationally, for abuses against mankind. Their diabolical judgments are couched in their fanatical approach to religion. They incessantly dictate executions and other vile forms of punishment in the name of “moharebeh”. Moharebeh is an accusatory political and/or legal judgment rendered against a citizen. It involves accusing a citizen of one of the following:

● “enmity against God” : such enmity could involve joining another religious group or denouncing Islam and the Qoran

● denouncing Iran via oral or written protest

● collaborating with foreign entities to make strides towards changing Iran’s inhumane policies

● being female

Yes, I have included “being female” as one of the categories the mullahs seek to abolish. While being a male supportive of humane causes or groups within Iran can definitely draw the mullahs’ executionary wrath, being female and Kurdish is viewed as a double enmity in this Islamic Republic.

They haven’t officially declared such a pronouncement but it is no secret – men who aren’t supportive of Iran are handled as second class citizens, but women are treated as third class ones. To be female and Kurdish in Iran is to be subject to a government which not only possesses a lengthy history of unfairly, and with evil intent, terrorizing the Kurdish communities and provinces but which also holds in dismal regard the female gender. Being a Kurdish female in Iran is akin to having a double bullseye upon your back.

Islam, in general, isn’t supportive of women’s rights. Indeed, the demonic terrorists, ISIS, have been known to utter disdain at the idea of death at the hands of a woman. In their warped mentality, they loathe the idea of female Peshmerga. They fear non entry into heaven’s gates if they die in combat after an altercation with a female soldier.

Iran shares and fosters such warped ideologies. The most recent event which exemplifies Iran’s lack of respect for Kurdish women involves the tragic event which occurred summer of 2015.

Farinaz Khosrwni: Iran’s Shameful Hour

Ms. Farinaz Khosrwini was only 25 years old when she elected death via jumping from a hotel window to escape the rabid intentions of an Iranian intelligence officer who sought to rape her. This occurred in Mahabad, Iran, a primarily Kurdish city. Varying media outlets report she either jumped or was forcibly pushed out the window of the Tara Hotel. She was on the 4th floor. But all reports are unified in this fact: The Tara Hotel, in hopes of acquiring a 5 star rating, had acquiesced to the machinations of the visiting Iranian official.

Rather than expressing outrage that Ms. Khosrwini was a victim, the Iranian government’s predictable response was to dispatch law enforcement to Mahabad and the other Kurdish town of Sardasht, which proclaimed solidarity with Mahabad.

Humanity’s Voice Beckons

The governmental outrage was swift and vengeful. On May 8th, Kurdish citizens of Mahabad bravely demonstrated, protesting the human rights abuses they, as a people, and other Iranian ethnicities had endured for far too long. Iranian law enforcement retaliated with tear gas and jailed several activists. The lack of conciliatory behavior or apologetic commentary was deafeningly silent from the mullahs. They sought to squelch the Kurdish voice but indeed, quite the opposite occurred.

Like wildfire, news of Ms. Khosrwini’s death spread and took flight. Kurdish communities throughout Iran made a stand. Humanity’s voice erupted within Kurdish societies and organizations in Rojava, Iraq, and in Europe, as well.

A senior KDPI member, Omar Baleki, beseeched the Iranian military to no longer partake in brutality of Kurds. He sought understanding from them, and he is quoted as saying, “Members of Iran’s armed forces or the security should remember that they are part of that nation and therefore they should not be silent when something like this happens to their people… They must not take the side of the Islamic Republic against their own people… they must protect the people.” Sadly, his appeal didn’t take root in the Iranian military.

Limpid Governmental Response

Upon the realization that the justifiable outrage of May 2016 would not dissipate, Ayatollah Rouhani made lukewarm attempts to placate the Iranian Kurdish communities. However his promised societal reforms which he claimed would involve Kurdish active involvement proved to be to no avail. The only change was an incorporation of Kurdish language courses at some institutions.

Many critics have said that Ayatollah Rouhani is merely a puppet for mullah extremists and upon intrinsic analysis, this definitely appears to be the case. Executions have increased under Ayatollah Rouhani’s regime. And his schizophrenic approach in delivering social reform statements are inevitably ever accompanied by mass arrests and executions.

The Ultimate Solution: A Staunch UN Tribunal

A UN based Human Rights Council convened in 2015 to discuss a plethora of changes Iran should institutionalize. However, it wasn’t staunch enough for although receptive to 130 recommendations, it is worth noting Iran flatly rejected many others, most notably rejecting the UN recommendation “that Iran ratify the UN Convention against Torture and CEDAW, and cease using the death penalty against those aged under 18 at the time of the alleged crime.”
One can well imagine that this dismal approach does not bode well for Kurdish women. The allowed sexual abuses and violence of women is not only encouraged but uplifted in Iran.

In response, feminist movements have grown and Kurdish women have sought further political involvement via obtaining membership to the KDPI and other Kurdish organizations.

The battle for humanity has proven wearying but the Kurdish people have historically proven sturdy in their pursuit of freedom. However, consistent change in Iran shall only be steadfast if the governmental system of mullah extremists is permanently ousted.




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