Muslims are the new black men


Arman Ghodreti

The most viral and debateable topic of today’s society is which political party that should control the US. On one hand we have the Republicans that concentrate mostly on immigration and ethnicity. On the other hand we have the Democrats that are most likely the favourites around the world. We often look at the Republicans and Democrats as two differ parties with nothing specific in common. But is that the case for the majority’s meaning? Or is it because of that one individual with his racist comments and arguments also known as Donald Trump? Not to mention his past with bankruptcy and that he actually was a Democrat before, I believe those reasons to be positive to understand the significant meaning of his sayings. Although everything they say about him is true, is it that simple to only argue with that he does not fit for the job? So my main question is, are the Democrats really are that “perfect” as people say they are?

Firstly, the Republicans do actually have a good strategy game when it comes to sucking in voters and getting as positive results as possible. Secondly, the Republicans’ choices of words are extremely parched and uninformed compared to what the action is. You cannot simply build a wall to hold out people that are in danger just because you have a different point of view on a certain “race.” In reality, I believe both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump know this and would not have mentioned it if they already had a plan. Which also makes the situation a lot more interesting because in most people’s eyes it seems inhuman and wrong in terms of basic rights. As a result of these extreme sayings, they want to insert it as a law, which also leads to why Republicans have such support. Most of their supporters are either extreme Christians, people from the southern states with low education/understanding. To put it another way; most supporters are xenophobes, which means they have a strict mind set when it comes to either immigration or people with another religious background. Republicans are very well aware of this and use it as a way to challenge the liberals with a high number.

Democrats on the other hand want to improve what’s already there and lack the use of money in military. (

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the two main candidates with a good amount support on their shoulders. There are many positive things you could say about the Democrats like their way of thinking and passion for the country. Both Sanders and Clinton have different meanings but they can agree on the fact that everything but the Republicans is good for the sake of humanity.

Republicans have an interesting thought when it comes to Islam; they want to have control over each and every Muslim in the country and close entry for those who wish to stay in the US.  The liberals are of course against this because it firstly undermines what America is all about, and secondly it discriminates people. Another thing to note is that the Republican Party is much more religious than the Democratic Party. The conservative Party does not make religion a factor in leadership and systemisation while the Republican Party does. This plays a big role in many peoples minds, as the world slowly increases its level of atheists and most people do not want to mix religion in politics. Even the Pope himself said that it is not necessary to bring Christianity or Islam into a political debate, because all men are born equal and should not be judged by their beliefs. Many Muslims around the world praises his saying; and I could imagine the Pope as a president without bringing Christianity into any debate because it is not necessary. The US is the land of opportunity and progress, and with strict rules that could split two religions apart can cause a stop in this progress and even make us go “back in time”. That is why the Democrats usually keep their personal information like religion or belief outside the political world. If for example Trump wins, and have control over every Muslim in the region, we can compare that action to what the Nazis did to the Jews back in Second World War when they marked every Jew with the David star.

OLAV TORGERSEN, tannlege, Sandnes.

OLAV TORGERSEN, tannlege, Sandnes.

Regardless of today`s situation, the Republicans were surer about their doings some years ago and had far better results of their actions. Trying to look at things from a different perspective, people look at the former president of the United States George Bush (Republican) as a person with no control over his powers. But to be fair, the Iraq invasion was a big choice and cost many lives, and what people do not realize is that we would have a fear just as worse as ISIS today if that invasion did not take place. The Saddam government was demolished but Bush immediately left Iraq to pieces, which allowed extremists to take over the area and make what we today call ISIS. In short, Bush did not do either good or bad as a president, but actually did something to save a fearsome genocide.

That’s the only thing I like more about the Republicans then I do with the Democrats; that they actually want to use their dominant military force and solve international problems. Compared to today, the only candidate that have spoke about solving the ISIS problem is Bernie Sanders. Clinton has no intentions of interfering with that conflict or even send aid to their allies because “it can cost many lives.” With this in mind, Obama has been a great president for the US. But internationally, the man has done little compared to the other European countries; which is also why this election is more heated around the world then any other in history. We could almost say that this election is either an upgrade or a downfall for some locations like the Middle East. As we speak of the candidates, Clinton really wants to cut the military budget and healthcare spending, which can make the US less powerful in terms of arsenal and military and let the “power-throne” to Russia. Also, this will take an awful lot of energy, and by the time the task is done, she will probably not be president anymore. Sanders has common thoughts, but wants to copy the Scandinavian policy and tax rules instead of taking money out of the military budget.

Otherwise, the gun laws need to be more strict but as most people know, the Republicans does not want to change this law and believe everyone has the right to own a weapon at any time. However, protection is important but can easily fall in wrong hands and cause a big mess. That is probably why school shootings, bank robberies and common events happen more often in the US then in other countries.

Nevertheless, you probably wonder what I mean by my heading. It is a quote from the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson and the explanation is simple; black people were criticized for their skin colour and were accused for things they did not do. Today, Muslims are often criticized for their beliefs and get the blame for events of extremists. It is similar to past events and everything just goes in a circle nowadays. There are 1,8 billion Muslims around the world, surely you cant just blame everyone for actions of a few individuals can you? Well, Republicans do often do that and are sceptical towards each and every one of them. That is one example of why I mean the Democrats should win. Not to mention, Bernie Sanders who is my choice of candidate as I recently said because of his abilities to discuss issues in both inside and outside of America. Bernie Sanders was mocked for being a socialist but confirms that he will be taking action on the war against ISIS; the 75 year old also said that he would negotiate with NATO to throw Turkey out of the alliance because of their nonsense support to ISIS and dictatorship. Most politicians have heard about the corrupted election but choose not to interfere with the situation because of possible errors in the alliance. Clinton on the other hand has no knowledge of this situation and has only focus on the Russians. .

I fear America will become like this because of the Republicans bad past with business, If we refactor this into a question, we will end up with: Which one is the biggest threat, Russia or ISIS?

You are allowed to have an opinion but in my eyes, ISIS is the biggest threat today. And that is why I want Sanders as president.

Above all, this election seems almost too risky for the world to handle at the moment and the results can either be disastrous or an improvement. To summarize, the Republicans are very open-minded and share their common “fears” both public and with actions. They have a both positive and negative past with presidents, for example Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln; however, today they lack knowledge about international issues and cares more about people’s beliefs and religion then criminal history or past. In other words, I do NOT want either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump as president. The Democrats on the other hand are not perfect either, although they are better qualified to lead the country then Republicans because of their reasonable view of issues which leads me to my choice of candidate which is Bernie Sanders. Do not misunderstand my words, I am not saying Clinton is a bad candidate; I am only pointing out that I think Sanders will do a better and not for the Americans. I could go on for about ten more pages of reasons why Donald Trump and Ted Cruz should not lead, however I believe the issues I have highlighted like discrimination and inhuman thoughts are the most important. I would like to end this by sharing a quote I read on the Internet a while ago, which I think is true in many occasions: “We used to listen to politicians and laugh at comedians, now we listen to comedians and laugh at politicians.”



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