Statement of 11 Iranian civil rights activists in connection with the deportation of Nasim AliMoradi to Iran


The Norwegian government has decided to deport Iranian refugee by force. This statement is written to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration when the Kurdish Human Rights Association and other Kurdish-Persian language media released the news of deportation of this Kurdish photographer and journalist to the media. And so far these civil rights activists have shown their protest to this issue

:The full statement is as follows

According to this urgent statement we all as civil rights activists ask the Norwegian immigration authorities to take immediate and serious steps regarding their unjust decision concerning the deportation of Mr. Nasim Alimoradi whose asylum claim had been rejected by the Norwegian authorities, and since their decision is against the international law we ask the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to deal with the case of this Kurdish journalist differently. Mr. Nasim AliMoradi has begun his new period of media activity from 2007 in Norway, and as a media activist in the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan Tishk TV has continued his integrative activities. Without any shadow of doubt, the situation, torture and execution of press and media activists in Iran is clear for the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, Reporters Without Borders and other human rights organizations as well. That’s why the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration has no acceptable and convincing reason to deport him. Therefore, we as protesters to your wrong decision ask the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to stop his deportation as soon as possible and deal with his case and re-examined his case with greater sensitivity

Here is the full list of civil rights activist who issued a joint statement in connection with the deportation of Nasim AliMoradi

 (Sirwan Enayati (Journalist – social media activist –USA

 (Bahman Totonchi (Journalist – writer -USA

(Banafshe Karimzadeh (Blogger – women’s rights activist – Turkey

 (Kambiz Alimoradi (News reporter – Finland

 (Afshin Salari (American Christian society activist – Turkey

 (Shahram Salari (Turkish Christian society activist – Turkey

 (Richard Bates (American civil rights activist- USA

 (Rashid Mohammadi (actor and cinema director- Sweden

 (Jamal khaledian (Kurdish political Activist – Denmark

(Bryar jalal ( journalist -Iraq

 (salahadin sattari (political activist . switzerland




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