Call to protest this Saturday, October 12, 2019, at 11:30,

on the Esplanade of Human Rights, Place du Trocadéro.

Nothing has done.

Nor the indignation of world opinion.

Neither the misunderstanding of the military, diplomats, representatives of Democrats and Republicans Americans.

Nor, in France, President Macron who received, at the Elysee, a few hours before the attack, Tuesday evening, a delegation from Syrian Kurdistan to which he repeated the solidarity of France.

The unthinkable happened.

Turkish President Racep Tayyip Erdogan launched his offensive against Syrian Kurdistan late Wednesday afternoon.

This man, who during the years of the war against Daesh was the chief smuggler of the thousands of jihadists rallying to the Caliphate via Turkey, began bombarding these Syrian Kurds, who during the same years were with the Peshmerga of Iraqi Kurdistan. , the most determined resistance against Daesh.

And it did so with the consent of Donald Trump who had been careful to announce, a few hours earlier, that he was giving the go-ahead to the operation, began withdrawing his 2000 special forces and had not what to do with this “ancestral and ridiculous” quarrel between the Kurdish democrats and a neo-sultan who is the friend, all over the world, of the Muslim Brotherhood.

One does not remember having seen, in the recent years, such a case of flattery and betrayal.

Never have democracies been confronted with this catastrophic case of a key member of NATO attacking a free people.

And that’s all the achievements of the anti-Daesh war, all the fruits of this long struggle that Americans, Europeans, Kurds from Syria and Iraq have led and won together, shoulder to shoulder, that fly today in splinters.

Will Europe accept the fait accompli?

Will we be complicit in this unprecedented cowardice of a friendly people fighting for our freedom?

The undersigned call, together with the Kurdish Institute of Paris, the review_The Rule of the Game, _the Armenians of France, S.O.S Racism, the UEJF, at a demonstration of support to the Kurds of Syria.




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