The arrest of a Kurdish citizen from the terroristic IRGC in Orumiyeh city.


 In the process of arresting Kurdish citizen which has become more intense over the past two years, a Kurd citizen from Orumiyeh city has been captured by the terroristic IRGC in the city and transferred to an unidentified location.

By: BahoziKurdistan 

Roji Kurd: “Ismat” son of Khorshid from Falkan village,Orumiyeh province has been arrested and moved to an unknown location by the terroristic agent of IRGC Orumiyeh province,recently,Kurdistan Human Right Organization-Rojhelat,reported.

The fate of this Kurdish citizen has remained unclear, despite his family’s pursuit.

The reason for the arrest of this Kurdish citizen has been mentioned lack of cooperation with the terroristic IRGC and the espionage for this terrorist entity of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

By: Sarvin Bahozikurdistan




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