The arrested strikes of East Kurdistan are at serious risk of death under torture/video


The number of arrests Kurdistan protesters in Baneh and other cities is increasing. However, protests and strikes continue in the cities of Saqez, Baneh, Piranshahr, Marivan and Javanrood. The situation of the arrested and, in particular”Yadgar Sadiqi”who was arrested yesterday during a meeting with “Saeed Jalili”is alarming.

Roji Kurd: The statistics of the arrested in the recent six days of the border towns’ protests in East Kurdistan have exceeded 15 person,but the situation of”Yadgar Sadeghi”is worrying that yesterday in an orally protest against Iran’s Interior Minister”Saeed Jalili”was arrested at the comprehensive mosque in Baneh and the possibility of his be killed under torture,Mirofayeti.

On 19 April 2018”Yadgar Sadeqi” during the presence of”Saeed Jalili”Iran’s Interior Minister at comprehensive Mosque of Baneh city to speak to the protesters and end the strike simultaneously with the marketers of the city and Marivan,Piranshahr,Javanro and Saghez city’s were arrested and transferred to an unknown location.

Meanwhile, in the past few days, a maximum of 15 other Kurdish citizens have been arrested and‌ in this city and their fate is still unknown.

The names of the detainees are as follows:

1- Zaniyar Osmani from Baneh City

2- Behrooz Osmani from Baneh city

3-Reza Asadi from Baneh city

4- Mohsen Alizadeh from Baneh city

5-Rezgar Refahi from Baneh city

6- Amir Zahed from Marivan city

7-Ghader Mohammad Nezhad from Saghez city

8-Jamil Osmani from Saghez city

9- Abubakr Mohammadi, from Javanro city




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