The names and identities of four people detainees Nowruz ceremony in Mahabad


Major and large arrests of civil and environmental activists as well as civilians in the first days of the New Year are still ongoing. These arrests have been reported in most eastern Kurdistan cities.the names of four of the detainees are already known in Mahabad city.

Roji Kurd: Om 22 March 2018 four civil and environmental activists from the”Intraghash” village in Mahabad city, “Ibrahim Babaei” , “Soware Rahimi”, “Karim Rasouli” and “Siavash Baghebani” were arrested by the Iranian Intelligency Agency in the city.

The charge of these people is “acting against national security through the celebration of the National Day of Nowruz”,Kurdistan Human Rights Organization-Rojhelat,reported.

Until the moment the news was released, they were arrested and detained at the Ministry of Intelligence detention center in Mahabad.

Also four Kurdish citizens from the village of “Pasveh”Urumia province, were temporarily released for bail of 400 million Toman up to the time of the trial.

“Salam Watan Doust”, known as “Salam Manaf”,”Saber Sa’ideh”, “Sadegh Qaderi”, “Ayub Qaderi” from the village of “Pasveh”Urumia province,who were arrested in the final days of 1396(Persian calendar)charged with” membership in the opposition parties of the Iranian regime “and” acting against national security “, with a total of 400,000 bucks on a temporary basis And have been released by the court,Kurdistan Human Rights Organization_Rojhelat from Piranshahr city.

Ayoub Ghaderi, one of the detainees, is only 17 years old.

Khalid, from the village of Shenozang,Piranshahr function, Another detainee whose fate is unclear.

“Saber Sa’ideh”has been repeatedly tortured during his arrest. The effects of torture on his body are clear and now he is in dire straits.

These people were arrested in the final days of 1396(Persian calendar)after the clashes between the forces of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran and IRGC forces have been arrested and their fate is unclear,Kurdistan Human Rights Organization_Rojhelat,reported.

 Haydar Ahmadi, Ayoub Hedisi Mohammad Davari and four others, Hiva, Jalal and Kamil, and another civilian activist with the surname ” Agh Kand “, are eight civil and environmental activists in Piranshahr city,summoned and threatened by the Iranian Intelligency Agency these city.

Ayoub Hadisi

The reason for the summoning of these civil and human rights activists has been holding the Nowruz ceremony.

Some of these civil activists have campaigned in the final days of the year to protest build dams in the city.

The Ministry of Intelligence and Civil Rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran has threatened them with custody, torture and prosecution, According to information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization-Rojhelat.

Heydar Ahmadi

Six other environmental activists in Urumia city and in eastern Kurdistan have been called and summoned by security agencies,but their identities are unknown so far and their families are unclear for reasons Security is not prepared to provide names and news in this regard. The Department of Information has threatened to threaten and prosecute news releases, according to a correspondent from the Kurdistan Human Rights_Organization,Rojhelat.

even the people who were involved in the pictures of the Nowruz ceremony in the city of Piranshahr, Rose on the chest or on the hands, were called by the Ministry of Intelligence in the city.

Mohammad Dawari

By: Rozhan Adlnia




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