Summons and massive threats of civilians and citizens of Kurd during the Nowruz celebrations.


Nowruz ceremony in eastern Kurdistan, in spite of all threats, summons and arrests are more magnificent than any other year. The ceremony is held in two provinces of Sanandaj and Kermanshan more magnificent than any other region of East Kurdistan. Tengisar and Ni of this year have become the flagship of Nowruz Kurds in eastern Kurdistan, attracting foreign tourists who have gone to Iran during Nowruz. Ilam, this year, is different from each other year, Nowruz greeted Kurd, while arrest, summoning and threatening civil activists with the most violent punishments.

Roji Kird: during the 21st days to the 25 March,2018, at least 32 civilian activists from Piranshahr city were threatened by the Iranian Intelligency Agency The report indicates that 22 of them have been called to the Iranian intelligancy agency and threatened. These people have been released after the Iranian intelligancy agency many threats and commitment to not and continue to participate in the Nowruz ceremony and incite them to stay home at the first 13 days of the New Year,Kurdistan Human Rights Organization-Rojhelat,reportedly.

Due to security reasons, as well as helping to organize the Nowruz celebration in the city, the names of these 22 people are not currently disclosed. These names will be given to them, if necessary and requested by recognized and universal human rights organizations.

On 20 March 2018,”Mohammad Jabbari”,”Amin Jedari”and “Hamdollah Karsaz” three civil activists from Salmas city have been called by the Iranian intelligancy agency and after Threats and the commitment not to participate in the ceremony of Nowruz, the national celebrations of Kurds, have been temporarily released.

On 19 March 2018, five civil activists from Sanandaj city, “Mohsen Moradi”,”Arivan Shakeri”, “Mehran Mohammadi”,”Erfan Sa’idpanah”and”Salar Kazemi”were summoned and questioned by the Iranian Intelligency Agency.

On 20 March 2018 “Ata Rahmanzadeh” a civil activist from Saqez city, has been summoned and threatened by the Iranian Intelligency Agency.The Ministry of Intelligence has officially informed him that he has no right to leave at Norouz, especially on New Year’s Day.

Ata Rahmanzadeh, a well-known civilian activist from Saqez city,has spent two months in jail last year due to participation in the Nowruz ceremony and its implementation.

On the other hand, during the 19 and 20 of March 2018 eight of the well-known civil activists in Saqez city in Sanandaj Province were summoned and threatened by Iranian Intelligency Agency in the city.

“Suleiman Abdi”, civil activist and teacher, “Mozaffar Ebrahimpour”, responsible for the “nature” of Saqez, “Hassan Mahmoudi”, teacher of schools and music professor,” Ata Rahmani “civil activist and” Hazhir Sharifi ” civil activist have been summoned by the Iranian Intelligency Agency,reportedly.

These summons are held annually to prevent the celebration of the National Kurds,the Nowruz celebration and the symbolic use of the national symbols of Kurd.

These arrests and summons and threats are taking place on Wednesday 21 March, equaling 1 Nowruz 2718 Kurds / 1397 Shamsi, for the second day in a row to the village of Ni, which has been operating in Marivan city in Sanandaj province.

The causality of the onslaught is the holding of the Nowruz ceremony in the village using symbols and national anthem.

Reports have shown that Iran’s regime uses tear gas and some other unconventional gases.

So far, several villagers have been injured, including women and children.

After the onslaught of the Iranian regime’s officers in the village and the threat of not holding the ceremony, the residents of the “Ni” settlement opposed the agents and, as a result, resisted them, which led to the killing of the people and firing by the Iranian regime which led to the slaughter of the people and Shliki by the forces of the Iranian regime.

By: Rozhan Adlnia, Kurdish Journalist and Human Right activist in Roji Kurd center and Kurdistan Human Right Organization- Rojhelat.




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