In actions of the YPG / YPJ in Efrîn at least 18 occupiers have been killed.


 Roji Kurd: According to information released, YPG / YPJ units carried out a sabotage in downtown Efrîn when Turkish soldiers and al-Qaida and IS jihadists looted a passage near the road to Cindirês.

At least ten jihadists were killed in the action. In addition, a truck and a tractor, with which the looted objects should be transported away, destroyed. Already last night, an action took place on a base of the occupiers between the villages Şemalê and Meydankê in the district Şêra instead. Eight occupiers were killed and three injured.

This morning, YPG / YPJ units carried out an action against the occupiers in the area between the village of Basutê and Cindirês. An unknown number of occupiers were killed.

Injured civilians in Efrîn

It has also been revealed that civilians in Efrîn have been forced to report in front of the camera that there have been no looting and lighted shops in the city. Three civilians who refused to do so were injured.




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