Two of other Kurdish citizens have been arrested in Sanandaj and Sardasht


Arrests and issuing sentences against Kurdish civilians in Iran, and especially in the province of Sanandaj to the special shape and dramatically increased.

Roji Kurd: Based on  Kurdistan Human Rights Organization  -Rojhelat, another Kurd citizen in the province of Sanandaj, and a ton of other in the city of Sardasht have been arrested by the Iranian intelligancy agency in this province. They have been transfered to an unknown place.

According to the report, Thursday. 3. February,  “Azad Rostami”, from “turaiyūr” Village  located in Sanandaj city has been captured by the Iranian intelligancy agency.

According to the report, this Kurdish citizen has been arrested in his private home.

At the same time, “Rashid Azeri”, another Kurdish citizen  from Sardasht City, who lives in  village “Bevran Selfi”, who he is married and has three children, captured by the Iranian intelligancy agency and has been transfered to an unkonown place.

So far, the cause of arrest, location about the transition and status of these citizens, India is unclear.




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