Young Kurdish Protestor Tortured To Death


The number of demonstrators killed in custody is on the rise amid violent crackdown on anti-government protests. A 24-year-old young Kurdish man from Sanandaj had also died as the result of torture in the jail.

Roji Kurd: According to a report from the Kurdistan-Rojhelat Human Rights Organization, Saro Ghahremani, 24, from Sanandaj, who was arrested during wide spread Iran protests is tortured to death.

After Sari Ghahremani’s disappearance, there was no information about his whereabout for 11 days, despite his relatives efforts to get some news about him.

However on Friday evening, January 12th, his mother was contacted by the Sanandaj’s Ministry of Intelligence and told to collect his body from the mortuary.

He was buried on Saturday morning 13 January 2018, in Behesht Mohammadi Cemetery in Sanandaj.

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According to these reports, 6 people have been killed in the city of Tuyserkan, in Hamedan province. However, the state TV and Hamedan’s governor have reported this figure to be three.

  • In the city of Ghahdrijan, in Isfahan province, 6 people have lost their lives during the protests. This figure has been confirmed by Iran’s News Network.
  • Three people have been killed in the city of Shahinshahr, this news has been also declared by the Iran’s News Network.
  • In the city of Doroud, in Lorestan province, the number of deaths is believed to be four. We have received the names of three of the victims: Hamza Lashni Zand, Hossein Rashvnow and Amir Hossein Papi.
  • Two people have been reported killed in the city of Izeh, in Ahvaz, where one of the victims has been announced to be Massoud Kiani Ghalefrardi.
  • Also, in Khomeini Shahr city, in Isfahan province, 2 people lost their lives, which they have been identified as Armin Sadiqi and Shayan.
  • On Monday, 1st January 2018, in Kermanshah province, one person was killed, which has been identified as Behzad Shaswari.
  •  On Sunday, 31st December 2017 in the City of Joiabad in Khomain city, Nehmatollah Salehi Has been killed by the Iranian regime forces.

After several days of deadly protests, world voices concern, as the Islamic Republic of Iran widens brutal crackdown on protesters. US, Germany, France, Britain and the European Union and have already warned Iran.

These countries along with several internationally known human rights organizations have urged Iran to uphold its international human rights obligations, refrain from violence and respect the right of peaceful protest




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