Violent clashes between the SDF against ISIS in a town near east of the Euphrates River


Roji Kurd: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:: violent fighting is still ongoing in the east of the Euphrates River between the SDF against ISIS, and the SOHR monitored that the violent fighting is concentrated in areas in Abu Hamam town located in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, where the SDF managed to advance in the village, in an attempt to completely control it, by the support of the International Coalition’s warplanes. The clash areas witness an exchange of heavy shelling between both parties and there is confirmed information about human losses in the ranks of both parties.

This fighting and shelling which started again in early December 2017, due to a new attack carried out by the forces of “Al-Jazeera Storm” Operation, resulted in a new displacement towards the SDF-held areas and other areas far from the violent shelling and killing, and the SOHR monitored that the displaced people set up camps where they can stay until the end of the fighting or the control of the organization over their areas and towns- from which they have fled- ends, in which the organization is still imposing its control over 10 towns and villages in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, including Sha’afah, al-Kashkiyyeh, Abu Hamam, Gharanij, Al-Bahra, Hajin, Abu Hasan, al-Shafa, al-Susah, Al-Baghuz, Al-Bobadran and their outskirts.




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