Hashd al-Shabbi’s attack to Kurdistan or Iran’s attack?


Roji Kurd; Iraq’s Prime Minister Abadi and Iran-led Hashd al-Shabbi militants demand the surrender of all oil fields at Kirkuk, the transfer of the airport, a military base and all IS prisoners.

They also demand that the Iraqi army be able to revert to all the positions it held before the IS march (where it had fled head-on-head). In addition, the governor will be replaced by Kirkuk.

 Sunday morning, 2 o’clock. As the Shiite militia (fanatics, not much better than the IS) show, pictures from villages at Kirkuk, from which the Peschmerga retreated for tactical reasons: militiamen disfigure and smear Kurdish flags and kick them with their feet.

One should not, however, be told that the Declaration of Independence is the reason for the action of the militia and the army: two years ago, it was clear that there would be conflicts after the IS.

At that time there were already battles between Peschmerga and Hashd al-Shaabi at Tuz Khurmatu near Kirkuk. Kurdish officers told me in many conversations, they assumed that the great war was about to begin.

Kurdish Peshmerga commanders believe their units are ready for the long-delayed offensive to oust ISIS militants from the city of Hawija in the province of Kirkuk.

“We have been here for more than two years and are familiar with the area. Their number [of ISIS militants in Hawija] is clear to us. We are prepared and are waiting for the order of the president of the Kurdistan Region. Our forces are sufficient. We therefore don’t need other forces,” captain Mohammed Mala Jihad, Peshmerga officer, told  on Sunday.

The expected operation will include Peshmerga, who control area on five fronts to the north and east of the Hawija pocket, and the Iraqi army and Hashd al-Shaabi.

Also the Kurd’s from Iranian Kurdistan are ready to enforce the Iranian regime’s attack’s. The Kurds believe, Iran regime is the main reason for this attack against the Kurdistan. Ian is leading and managing the terrorist groups around the world whole.






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