Another Kolbar shot and killed by Iranian border forces


Another backpack carrier was shot and killed, and two others were seriously injured by the Iranian armed forces in Sardasht.

According to reports received by Mirovayeti , on Friday, Feb 24, a group of Kolbars, working on the borders of South and East Kurdistan came under the ambush and direct shootings of the Iranian armed forces in ‘Blfit’ Sardasht.

A source tells Mirovayeti that this Kolbar is from ‘Bnoghalef’ in Sardasht.

The source also states that ‘due to Iranian border forces’ direct shootings Suliman Abbasi lost his life, and Abbas Rostami and Salah Eibrahimzade were severely injured’.

Eye witnesses further stated that the people of Binghalief village attached the village’s police stations in Sardasht.

According to the latest reports received by Mirovayeti, Mr. Abbasi’s body is still not given back to his family.

On Wednesday, Feb 22, Khalid Ahmadian, another Kurdish Kolbar from ‘Dagrji’ village in Shno lost his eyes as a result of Iranian security forces’ direct shooting.

Mr. Ahmadian was transferred from the local hospital in Wrima to Tehran due to the severity of his medical condition and injuries.




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