Broken Border


In all the borders of Iran, smuggling of fuels is very prevailing that lots of people are engaged with it. Form and kind of equipments for carrying the smuggled cargo based on the geographical situation is different but in all the situations human beings have the most important role. The reasons for smuggling also based on the existing situation in these areas are varied. Trying to record the process of smuggling in west borders of Iran and Iraq (Kurdistan) with accompanying of some people who are smuggling, is the main topic of the film. Being with people who don’t talk to anybody during the day and just trying to do all the matters, related to smuggling .The products are taken cargo in a place and then after passing mountains and valleys, eventually reach to the final destination in IRAQ. Here is a kind of traditional café that is for labors resting….

A small town in zero point borders between two countries can be an interesting place that some changes are imposed to that area during years, without readiness of its native people. Smuggling is one of the ways of entering those changes. The people are the main subject of smuggling in borders and instead of tolerating difficulties, they earn money … a silent narration of complicated people and their equipments , have lost in mountains, villages and border roads … they didn’t talk , They were just working … I didn’t talk either.

Keywan Karimi
Sarkew Mesgari
Keywan Karimi
Aram Ahmad pour
Research and Script:
Keywan Karimi
Ahmad Moradi
Shirku Bikas
Shaho Mahmoudi
Keywan Karimi
Joan Hajo
Anvar Braham selection
Director Assistant:
Yaser Ghaderi
Editor Assistant:
Arash Talebi
Sound Assistant:
Soran Ahmadi
Kamal Karimi
Production Manager:
Foad Sawan
Thanks to:
All people who helped this movie be made
Keywan Karimi

2012 “Broken Border” the special mention of the Jury prize at The Tolfa International short Film Festival, Italy, 6 May
2012 “Broken Border” the special mention of the Jury prize at The Magma International short Film Festival, New Zealand, 15 May
2012 “Broken Border” the Best Documentary film The Vagon F.C International short Film Festival, Mexico, 21 October
2012 “Broken Border” the Best Documentary film The FiloFest Film Festival, Slovenia, 14 December
2012 “Broken Border” the Best international film The Festival Latinoamericano de Cortometrajes Ambientales ALBUFERAfilms 2012, Argentina, 16 December
2013 “Broken Border” the special mention of the Jury prize at” The 5th Liden Film Festival, Netherlands, 8 May
2013 “Broken Border” the special mention of the Jury prize at” The 2th Mostremp Film Festival, Spain, 25 August
2013 “Broken Border” the Best Documentary prize at” The 13th Beirut Film Festival, Lebanon, 11 October




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