Reference Populations – Geno 2.0 Next Generation



Modern-day indigenous populations around the world carry particular blends of 18 regional affiliations. We compared your DNA results to each of 60 geographic and ethnic populations and calculated which two of these populations were most similar to you in terms of the genetic markers you carry.


This reference population is based on native Iranians. As some ancient populations migrated from Africa, they passed first through southwestern Asia en route to the rest of Eurasia. Some populations stayed in the Middle East and southwest Asia, over time developing unique genetic patterns. The large Arabian and Southern Asia components found in our reference Iranian population reflect these ancient patterns. The Asia Minor and Central Asia components likely arrived via the migrations of groups originating in those regions farther north, such as the Turks and Mongols. The Silk Road also may have served to disperse Asian genetic patterns farther south and west.

Arabia 56%
Eastern Africa 4%
Northern Africa 2%
Central Asia 4%
Asia Minor 6%
Southern Europe 2%






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