The 8 directors of the documentary ” Life on the Border” can’t attend the 66 Berlinale


The documentary ” Life on the Border” shot by 8 children from the refugee camps in Syria and Iraq will be screened on 18th of February at 66th Berlinale international film festival “Generation” section.
The directors has been invited to attend the screening and Q&A but because they do not hold any passport they couldn’t get Schengen visa and attend the festival.
From Berlinale website:

“What I want from you is to come and see my life.”

The fate of thousands of people is unified under the tarpaulins of the refugee camps in Kobanê and in Shingal. Kurdish filmmaker Bahman Ghobadi has given eight children the opportunity to use a camera to tell their own stories. Each film gives us a glimpse into the plight of the children, as seen through their own eyes. Their stories tell of young people with their whole lives ahead of them, though they’ve already lost almost everything. At a certain point, the film crew leaves the camp and follows the 13-year-old Mahmod and his sister in the search for his parent’s house in Kobanê. The town has been ravaged by the war and all the children find is rubble. The eight films reveal the courage and openness of the young filmmakers, who share their stories with great intensity, realism and poetry, despite their harsh fate.




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